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Custom solution department 

Integrated at the heart of RSAI's Products and Services division, the Custom Solutions department brings together a team of specialists dedicated to technological innovation. Our design office specializing in the design of professional solutions will help you at each key step of your project to create and build the custom product that will meet your needs. Whether you are a machine builder or a pioneer in innovative projects: from needs analysis to series production, you have only one contact person!

You have an idea, we are here to make it a reality ! 

Definition of the need :

Whatever the progress of your project, whether you have only a draft need or already a functional prototype, we will support you to bring your product to life.

- Have you thought about the standards your product will have to meet before it is marketed?

- Have you properly assessed the risks associated with the use or exploitation of your product?

- How to optimize production costs?

- How do you ensure the long-term sustainability of your product?

- ...

We have the experience and expertise to support you and bring an industrial perspective to your project. We help you to define your need precisely, without forgetting the slightest detail that could be blocking if neglected.

We study for you the risks related to the product, the necessary standards according to your sales target, and we will draw up with you a flawless specification.


Conception :

On the basis of the specifications established, during the phase of defining your need, we design with you to create your future product from scratch. Our team of engineers will propose different ideas according to your expectations.

From this specification stage we offer you a precise vision of the finished product:

- detail of its features,

- modelling in 3D views,

- description of its technical characteristics,

- study of product ergonomics,

- list of its advantages and disadvantages,

- ...

You will no longer have any surprises and you can start communicating about your product thanks to realistic photo models. We can even simulate the integration of your product into another set.


Development :

Our multidisciplinary design office takes care of the entire development of your product, from the design of functional electronics to mechanical ergonomics and communication interfaces.

Electronic development :

We will build a custom electronic board, while managing the obsolescence of components to avoid unpleasant surprises. We master digital, analog, signal, fieldbus, radio frequency, control command, display, power stage. We can implement microcontrollers, microprocessors (x86, ARM,...), FPGA. We will place the electronic components on the board and use all our experience to build a healthy routing that takes into account your economic constraints.

Computer and software development :

We will build the IT solution you need to integrate it into your product. Create embedded configuration software, man/machine dialog interface or big data flow.

PLC development :

We can develop a customized PLC core dedicated to the management of your product. You will have the possibility to create autonomously your PLC and panel programs to give your product an intelligence and a man / machine dialogue interface. Our approved training centre can assist you.

Mechanical design :

Based on your design expectations, we will study the mechanical design of your product to combine aesthetics and practicality. Our team will take care to integrate all the constraints: safety, electromagnetic disturbances, temperature, waterproofing...

Prototyping and certifications :

We will manufacture a prototype from scratch to allow you to visualize, test its proper functioning and validate your product or its integration into its environment.

Resistance tests :

We carry out the necessary tests for you to validate your product, whatever your level of requirement and in respect of your sector of activity :

- resistance to electromagnetic disturbances (internal EMC pre-qualification laboratory),

- thermal resistance tests,

- shock and vibration resistance,

- personal safety,

- tests under environmental constraints (dust, pressure, salinity, solar radiation, humidity, corrosion, etc...)

It is also possible to carry out other specific test campaigns on request.


Industrialization :

Here is the most important step: optimize production to simplify industrialization, reduce the cost price of your product and control its quality level.

RSAI is certified ISO 9001 version 2015, our studies are carried out in compliance with your requirements and specifications in your sector of activity.

We implement a control and validation policy for each product adapted to your expectations in order to guarantee a high level of quality. We develop test benches and procedures to validate each product leaving a production line.

We will help you to dimension the material and human resources of production tools to meet the fluctuations of the market to which your product responds.

Choice and implementation of a network of suppliers and subcontractors to guarantee the sustainability of the product (multi-sourcing).

We can even create custom packaging by personalizing it with your logo respecting an environmental approach.


Production :

The study of your product is now complete, it is now possible to manufacture it in series. The flexibility of our structure allows us to adapt our production volume to your needs (very small, small, medium and large series).

RSAI will support you throughout the life of your product :

Marketing your product :

We can advise you on how to get your product to market and generate revenue quickly. It is possible to manufacture custom packaging with your logo respecting an environmental approach.

Evolution and management of obsolescence :

Our team of experts will carry out periodic obsolescence studies on your product in order to anticipate any component shortage or supply difficulty. On request, we can upgrade your product to a new version.

Training, installation and assistance :

As an approved training centre, we are able to transfer the necessary skills to your teams to ensure maximum autonomy in the operation of your product.

We can also provide support, installation and assistance services while you are on your own.

After-sales service :

Our team provides troubleshooting (technical assistance, repair, maintenance) of your product.

We can even study with you the implementation of a maintenance contract to supervise the desired service. The implementation of predictive, preventive and curative maintenance plans is possible to guarantee the optimal availability of your equipment.


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