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Department of Defence, Military Security

Integrated at the heart of RSAI's Products and Services division, the Defence, Military Security department brings together our team of specialists dedicated to the requirements of the defence and military sectors. We manufacture custom products while applying the various standards and guidelines that may emanate from the General Directorate of Armament (DGA) or the United States Department of Defense; MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-1275E, STD-202G and GAM EG 13: general environmental tests for military equipment. We provide on-board communication and control command equipment ranging from boat engine control to weapons; our products can be SIL3 certified.

Our society and the defence community :

In the defence sector, we work with major players in the military sector. Over the years, our structure has adapted to separate the defence business from our other areas of activity with the creation of the Defence and Military Security Department. Within our company, we have a restricted access area, a closed, windowless and secure room with access control; in which we store all the documents of our military customers.

Our ethical charter :

Discretion and confidentiality : We limit the disclosure of information to those who have a legitimate need to know it in the interest of developing our customers' products. In addition, each member of the Defence and Military Security Department is made aware of the importance of not jeopardizing or compromising the security of the data in their possession. We have a secure restricted access area in which we keep all the documents of our department.

Anti-corruption : Corruption is unacceptable and not compatible with the RSAI spirit. It is detrimental to the communities in which we operate and is detrimental to businesses. We have a "zero tolerance" policy on corruption, including facilitation payments.

Conflicts of interest and influence peddling : We inform our management in the event of an actual or potential conflict of interest that could influence or appear to influence our judgment and actions. The objective is to discuss it openly so that our management can take all necessary measures to avoid placing people in a difficult situation. This rule applies in the same way to our colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers.

Respect for the environment : RSAI takes into consideration the impact of its activities on the natural environment and adopts a responsible attitude. We dematerialize most of our media and documents and recycle the little paper we produce. When designing a product, we pay attention to the types of materials used. At the end of a product's life, we support customers who so wish in the recycling and disposal process.

Choosing and treating our suppliers fairly : RSAI's relationships with its suppliers go beyond the simple purchase and supply of goods and services. Our relationships are based on the principles of impartiality, fairness, loyalty and we respect the independence and identity of our suppliers. We constantly ensure that our ethical expectations are well understood and respected by all our suppliers, regardless of the country in which they are located.

Respect for our customers and partners : The satisfaction of our customers gives us their trust and generates sustainable industrial and commercial partnerships.

Our expertise, our know-how :

Our department relies on its experience of robust products embedded in military vehicles. By designing and manufacturing, for example, rugged ECUs integrated into firing equipment. We systematically use a range of military electronic components with extreme thermal stress resistance.

Our team of specialists in electronics, vetronics, mechanics, software, communication and security will support you at every stage of your project :

◾Analyses of risks and development of specifications,
◾Sûreté of operation,
◾Pérennisation for electronic solutions,
◾Méthodes for development and coding,
◾Durcissement for components and interfaces,
◾Contraintes Outstanding EMC,
◾Tenues to vibrations, shots and shocks,
◾Contraintes very severe environmental conditions (solar radiation test, resistance to mould, contaminating fluids, salt mist, etc...),
◾Contraintes documentaries, HPD4 definition file in accordance with the standard requested by the DGA,
◾Fabrication of your products,
◾Service after sale,
◾Suivi and component obsolescence processing.

Some of our customers :