Our range for engine control

Our range of products for engine control is divided into two families that we can totally customize according to your needs. Our products can be delivered in a box (metal, stainless steel, reinforced, etc...) or in a 19" rack. Each product is designed to withstand high EMC constraints, designed and developed for research laboratories.


Synoptique électronique de pilotage moteurs


The PILMOT range is composed of several electronic modules allowing to control all types and brands of stepper motors (PP), direct current (DC) or piezo. Our modules have inputs to manage limit switches, origin and encoder feedback (Rel, SSI, ENDAT or LVDT). The encoder interface of each motor card can receive: an incremental signal, supplemented or not, while managing the Top 0 encoder; an absolute positioning signal SSI or an absolute signal of type Endat 2.2 (up to 37 bits). The motors and sensors are connected simply via the standard D-Sub interface. The management of the limit switches is carried out by the software and secured by the electronic card itself. Our modules communicate via an Ehernet TCP-IP port, JBUS serial link and an RS232 port, it is possible to put several PILMOT on the same network. Power supply of the module in 230 Vac using a standard socket outlet. A remote control is even available for manual positioning of the motor. Each product is EMC compatible and hardened and comes with the PILMOT configuration server software running on Windows and Linux.

Stepper motor control: Our modules are compatible with bipolar or unipolar stepper motors with a current range from 60 mA to 2A with a 24 Vdc power supply (other ranges available on request). We can position on whole, half or micro steps: 1/4 step, 1/8 step, 1/16 step, 1/32 step and even 1/64 step.

DC motor control: Our modules are compatible with all types and brands of DC motors up to 2A with a 12 Vdc power supply (other ranges available on request).

Piezo electric motor control: Our modules are compatible with Newport brand piezo motors, Picomotor and Agilis ranges.

Motor positioning control by cameras: A video acquisition module compatible with several brands of IP cameras will allow you to set a near field (one motor) or a far field (several motors).

Control command: An input/output module completes the range to enable you to manage the control and command of equipment related to the engines. Including on/off signal management, analog, networks and various fieldbuses.

PILMOT in box version for the control of 6 stepper motors or direct current

Our PILMOT in boxed version allows the separate control of 6 stepper motors or 6 DC motors. Compatible with all types and brands of motors, with a current range up to 2A. Bipolar or unipolar stepper motors to position on whole, half or micro steps. 100% customizable product on request.





Client software and PILMOT configuration server

We have developed software for the configuration of axes, our equipment and the positioning of motors,. Available in server and client versions, they are now compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems. Linux Ubuntu 17.10, Windows 10 and earlier versions such as Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows XP.

100% MODULAR PILMOT rack-mount version - 19" 5U rack with 6 slots for shared control of different motors

Configuration with 1 230 Vdc power supply card and 6 slots for either a module of :

◾pilotage of 2 axes with stepper motors (size 1 location), and/or
◾pilotage of 2 axes with direct current motors (size 1 location), and/or
◾pilotage of 2 axes with Piezo motors (size 1 location), and or
◾gestion and vacuum control (size 1 location), and/or
◾contrôle for camera positioning (size 1 location), and/or
◾gestion and access control (size 1 location), and or
◾d' digital or analog inputs/outputs (size 1 slot), and or
une electronic 100% personalized according to your needs.