Industrial intelligence : PLC and remote management

Our range of industrial intelligence products is fully customizable to suit your needs. Our products can be delivered with different types of IP protection. They are defined as no-closet, i.e. they can be installed directly on the wall of a building. Each product is designed to withstand EMC constraints, designed and developed for isolated and high-risk environments.









The great versatility of the B4K+ range allows it to be adapted to all types of field configurations. Thanks to its advanced network communications functions, our equipment knows how to collect a lot of information to make it available to you. Designed and designed for the industry of the future, our B4K+ PLC will be the essential gateway to supervise all the machines present in your factory or to control a machine remotely. Providing you with all the desired data on a local RSAI server, your supply or on a remote server such as a cloud. All its data will be usable by an artificial intelligence to make failure prediction or analytical study. A power reserve allows the PLC to handle certain tasks for a period of time after a power failure.

The PLC is programmed using the STRATON workshop, industrial software for IEC 61131-3 applications that supports 5 standard languages: GRAFCET (SFC), BLOCK FUNCTIONS (FBD), LADDER (LD), LITTERAL (ST) and LIST OF INSTRUCTION (IL).

The B4K PLC range is oriented for data collection with many native fieldbuses:

SMS : Our modules are equipped with a 4G LTE 1 modem. Fully configurable, you can send SMS messages to different numbers according to customizable conditions. An integrated and pre-configured function block allows you to condition each message sent.

4G Data : The standard version is equipped with a 4G LTE 1 modem. A GSM DATA 2G version is still available for sensitive industrial applications. It is also possible to use a SIGFOX, NB-IoT or LORA modem. Knowing that the B4K range is 5G ready.

e-mail : Send e-mails to different recipients based on customizable reports. Function blocks allow you to configure and assign an output or conditions to the mail sending.

Modbus Ethernet : Our modules have a Modbus TCP IP over Ethernet network interface.

CANopen : Our modules have a CANopen network interface.

Modbus RS485 : Our modules have a Modbus RS485 network interface.

Blinding automaton : You can couple several automatons in series. A configurable communication interface allows fast and accurate data exchange.

Control command : Equipped with 12 digital inputs including 2 in low frequency counting (< 100 Hz), 8 configurable inputs: digital, ANA (voltage differential -12...+12V or current input 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA). 8 digital outputs and one watchdog monitoring output. 2 analog outputs (0...10 V, 0...20 mA or 4...20 mA). Pulse width modulation (PWM) possible on 2 outputs. All controlled by an PLC with a real-time processor.








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B4K+ / B4K / VBOX



VBOX autonomous communicating PLC

Our autonomous communicating PLC has 4 inputs for temperature probes NI1000, 4 analog inputs 0...10V, 6 digital inputs that can do low frequency counting (< 100 Mhz) and 2 relay outputs. It has a GSM Data 2G Data and OpenModbus communication interface over Ethernet. The VBOX product is replaced by our B4K and B4K+ range.