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We took over COMPEX AUTOMATION, the creator of one of the first French local industrial networks, called LAC. The first versions of these networks provided for the exchange of information and secure data to centralized control stations. Variable writing functions have been added to the performance of this network. LAC2000 is a heterogeneous industrial local area network designed for very harsh environments.

The twisted pair bus of the LAC network transmits signals according to the RS485 standard and the deterministic communication procedure allows operation at very high load without degradation of performance or collisions. Used at the time by more than 200 large companies, it still has a large number of standard installations still in operation, or specific new ones.

RSAI remains the only specialist in the LAC network, capable of repairing and controlling equipment that has been in operation for more than 35 years. Our technical team always ensures the exclusivity of maintenance, and can travel for expertise, troubleshooting or network extension in the field.

LAC2000 Communicator

Communicateur LAC 2000

Our LAC2000 communicator is compatible with LAC1 and LAC2 networks, thus ensuring the continuity and durability of these networks. It integrates several functions: LAC - TCP/IP router, gateways, Cu/Fo converter and Cu repeater. Multi-master access optimizes the response times required for real-time systems. It can manage 1 to 4 segments with a length of 800 to 1,200 meters with passive repeater. The maximum number of communicators on a single network is 32 and is resistant to electrostatic discharges when in contact with 8,000 V and 15,000 V in air.

ESCOM remote input/output module


Our ESCOM input/output module integrates several functions. This module is originally manufactured by COMPEX AUTOMATION, which we have taken over. We ensure the follow-up and troubleshooting of its equipment.