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Laser research steering department

Integrated at the heart of RSAI's Products and Services division, the Laser Research Department brings together our team of specialists dedicated to research laboratories in material physics. Our motor control products, used for 20 years for the alignment of optical subassemblies, are recognized and adopted in all major power laser projects.

The purpose of a research laser is to modify the physical properties of matter at the atomic level. Thus, lasers can be used for different purposes and in many applications for the military, medical, fundamental and experimental research, new energies...

A research laser consists of different elements with the following functions:

◾Source laser,
◾Pré-amplification and amplification,
◾Alignement and Focus,
◾Chambre experience with the target.

These various positions require numerous actuators, sensors and optics to direct, amplify and focus the beam(s). In order to achieve precise and repeatable positioning, some optics and mirrors can be controlled by electric actuators, using different technologies such as stepping, direct current or piezoelectric. In addition, in order to guarantee the integrity of the laser beam and lenses, it is essential to operate in a vacuum environment, whose levels can vary (up to 10-13 Atmosphere). This requires the use and control of many vacuum pumps, valves, sensors and other vacuum-specific processes. RSAI has designed a solution that allows the entire control command to be grouped with several devices and a single software.

Our company and the research community :

In the research field, our technical expertise in the field of electromagnetic interference (EMC) control has led us to be selected to develop command controls and laser chain control interfaces at the French and European level, for the:

◾ Commissariat to Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies (CEA) with the PHEBUS laser, the LMJ PETAL and LIL Megajoule lasers,
◾ Centre d'Etudes Scientifiques et Techniques d'Aquitaine (CESTA),
◾ Laboratoire for the Use of Intense Lasers (LULI) from Ecole Polytechnique and CNRS.
◾ Laboratoire of Applied Optics (LOA ENSTA),
LASERIX, platform of the Laser Centre of the University of Paris-Sud II,
◾ Laboratoire of the Linear Accelerator (LAL),
◾ Centre Interdisciplinary Extreme Light (APOLLON CILEX),
CERN in Switzerland,
◾ ILE HHG in the Czech Republic.

Our expertise, our know-how :

Our department relies on its experience to produce ever more efficient products such as access control or control equipment for the Frequency Conversion and Focusing System (SCF). Integrated within the Megajoule Laser (LMJ), our equipment also controls the Diagnostic Insertion Systems (DIS). In these large projects, our industrial computers are used to configure and supervise the equipment that makes up the laser line. Our programmable logic controllers and remote input/output modules control vacuum management and access. Then our engine control products manage the correct positioning of the mirrors.

The objective of our department is to select the products to provide a turnkey solution with a single point of contact for the control and command part. Our engineers develop all software from the lowest level (driver) to the highest (supervision). All our products interface with the essential standards of these environments: TANGO, LABVIEW, IEC1131, OPC, etc....

Our products :

PilMot 6 axes
PilMot 14 axes
Télécommande PilMot
PilX rack 5U

Some of our customers :

Our Partner :

Our partner ARDOP Industrie integrates our control command solutions on its power chains for laser transport used for research purposes (fission, fusion of the atom, etc...). ARDOP Industrie also offers you various products related to the photonics sector.