Electronic specialist in harsh environments
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Expert in reinforced electronic design

Are you looking for robust, reliable and durable electronics ? RSAI is the specialist you need !

Barrage EDF

For more than 35 years, we have supported major renewable electricity producers to help them maintain the proper functioning of the network's communication facilities. The usual demand for durability on electronic products is 10 to 15 years, RSAI remains to this day the only LAC network specialist to ensure the proper functioning of dams and hydroelectric production centres with robust and reliable equipment. We are also involved in the automation of passenger transport equipment, in particular cable cars and funiculars. Large commercial chains cannot guarantee that their automation will operate safely for more than 30 years.

Tailor-made electronics even for very small series

For each custom-made electronic board we build, our durability unit manages the obsolescence of components to avoid unpleasant surprises. We offer you different solutions according to your customers' needs: search with brokers, stockpiling of critical components, replacement of obsolete components, adaptation of the electronic board, etc....

We master digital, analog, signal, fieldbus, radio frequency, control command, display, power stage. We can implement microcontrollers, microprocessors (x86, ARM,...), FPGA. We will place the electronic components on the board and use all our experience to build a healthy routing that takes into account your economic constraints. Our SME is reactive and adapts to the demands of our customers, we know how to produce very small, small, medium and large series.

From experience, we know that a weakened electronic component breaks down within the first 6 months of its life. Beyond the usual debugging procedures, we can set up an accelerated product again bench to deliver only proven and ultra-reliable products.

Robust mechanics adaptable to all environments and difficult and severe environments

We build tailor-made products that are perfectly adapted to the constraints of harsh environments. Our most successful projects come from our research laser control departments with motor positioning electronics resistant to unusual electromagnetic disturbances in a laser firing room; our defence and military security department designs on-board equipment subject to very severe constraints (extreme temperatures, dust, salt mist, contaminating fluids, solar radiation, vibrations, etc...)

Some examples of our long-term know-how :

  • For several years now, our automation and remote input/output solutions have been used in most concrete mixing plants in France.
  • Remote management products to ensure remote maintenance, information feedback or remote control. Its products stand out for their robustness and resistance to extreme conditions with IP67 mechanics.
  • The I-MAX industrial PC acquisition server, totally fanless with an MTBF of more than 90,000 hours and guaranteed operation up to 60°C at full load, equips many dams and collects data to power a data center with an AI that supervises preventive maintenance of the sites.
  • Our motor control products with reinforced EMC are mounted in stainless steel cabinets or in 19'' racks and are used in most of the major French research laboratories.
Automate no armoire intélligent, industrie 4.0 B4K+ avec E/S
Coffret pilotage motur PILMOT 4 axes
ESMIN module entrées sorties déporté
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